Monday, 2 May 2011

Exam Fever-Arhhh malas nye!

Exam fever come again..lazy,sleepy,nervous,stress and all the bad feeling will come. Honestly i hate go through all a student especially partime need a high commitment, patience and perseverance. Yes,study is tedious sometimes because it could make unbalancing feelings like stressful and pressure all the time. 'Exhausted' that only word i can say. Yes, i am last minute person, stress n sangat stress at the end. Tolong! I'm tense ..Tgh 2 bermalasan i see some tips to overcome this feeling..

1. Turn your phone and any other distractions off. Distractions are probably the primary reason for you were not studying earlier to begin with.

2. Get focused. Do not just study for 5 minutes and then give up. Although most people believe that cramming for a test will not help, in the college world it does!

3. Set aside time to take small, quick breaks in between studying. It's too late to take 30-minute breaks.

4. Determine the information in your study notes and arrange them from most important to least important. Since you are studying last minute, you should also set aside the information and notes that you already know and focus more on what you don't know.

5. Use flash cards, the internet, drawings and other methods to further help you with your "cram session."

6. Get a good night's rest. This is important so that you will wake up on time for your final examination.

7. On the day of your final exam, read over your notes on the way to the exam, and be prepared with whatever you need (pencil, paper) for your final examination