Thursday, 28 April 2011


Welcome to my blog. Well, I'll used mixed language in my writing (rojak language lah)... Actually, this is my 2nd blog and hope i could active as i can. Yes, I love to write but  i didn't have much time to be aggressive in blog, but I’ll try to make it better time by time. Hmm.. don't know how to start and make my blog interesting, any ideas to share?Just drop your opinions here. From my view, write is to be understood, speak to be heard and read to grow. So, which one we are?
Okieee.. just little bit about myself, I'm a simple person, not perfect, love to be loved n give love, love something beauty and peaceful, foods lover, love animals ( if rich- i wish to build my own zoo someday) , love all music(depend on my mood), absolute love my family, single ready to mingle..insyallah:) ,look arrogant if you didn't know me and you'll get headache if already know me (non stop talking), easy going, humor sometimes, love travellings, love islands and always interested with something interesting. Oh! I think enough about myself so far, so many things i love & like in my life's ,could be thousand days to be finished.
So, start from now..i'll practise,practise,practise writing as i can.. Writing is a craft that requires both talent and acquired skills. I learn by doing, by making mistakes and then seeing where i went wrong.